KFQ - Successful in Certification Services in Korea

Korean Foundation for Quality (KFQ) is a not for profit organization to have been established as a management system certification body in Korea in October 1993. So as to expand the world-renowned Quality and Environment management systems and to provide high-quality certification services, KFQ became a full member of IQNet in January 1997. Since then, KFQ continued to seek cooperation with other IQNet members, through which it hopes to contribute in enhancing competitiveness of Korean industries.

Delivered ISO 9001:2000 Interpretation Package

Moreover, in recognition of the mounting expectations of Asian companies, KFQ has sought to pursue a better means of cooperation since 1999 at the Working Group meetings of four Asian members, namely, HKQAA(Hong Kong), JQA, PSB and KFQ. The Working Group also made and delivered "ISO 9001:2000 Interpretation Package" to the industries concerned, both to cope with the revision of ISO 9001:2000 standard and to help the industries and certification bodies transit their management systems by conforming to the new standards. Furthermore, APCER(Portugal) purchased and provided the package as training material to the auditors and certified companies that applied for its training courses.

Recognized by RAB in U.S.A.

While recognizing the need to establish an international framework for cooperation, KFQ also understands the need to enhance its competitiveness. KFQ recently registered a total of 24 certification scopes with RAB. With this move, KFQ is sure to become a world-competitive certification body.

Recognized for TS 16949

To provide comprehensive yet focused services to the companies, KFQ is expanding its activities ranging from ISO 9000, ISO 14001, QS-9000, TS 16949 to TL 9000, HAACP, OHSMS and IBEC. In particular, KFQ is the only TL 9000 certification body of Korea to participate as a liaison member to QuEST Forum, while it is also one of the two Asian bodies that was qualified to certify TS 16949 after being designated as the certification body by IATF on November 1st, 2000.

Spreading IBEC Business

As of now, KFQ is exerting full efforts to help more companies utilize IBEC in Korea, with the vision of introducing innovation in management quality of Korean companies. As part of the efforts, KFQ provided IBEC Self-Assessor Training Courses for Korean industries twice in 2000, and hopes to play a leading role in expanding the utilization of IBEC, boosted by the IBEC pilot assessment process that is scheduled to take place this year.

KFQ Korean Foundation for Quality

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Co-operation with JQA and PSB

A good example would be Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. which is known to be a market leader in Korean construction industry. Hanjin acquired ISO 9001 certification from KFQ in 1997 and moved on to acquire ISO 9001 certification from PSB(Singapore) after going through IQNet co-certification process that requires document review of the KFQ's audit report. With the new ISO 9001 certificate, Hanjin successfully made entry into the Singapore construction market.

Also to expand its scope of certification to medical services, KFQ participated as witness audit in PSB's surveillance audit of Singapore Medical Center from May 11th to 12th last year. Moreover, KFQ joined hands with JQA(Japan) for surveillance audit of Tokyo Electronics and Rohm Korea, both of which are JQA certified companies, by dispatching its auditor to JQA audit team. In doing so, the two certification bodies were able to provide a more economic and efficient surveillance audit to the companies.